How to Change the Battery on a Maserati Key Fob?

A 2020 Maserati driving on a track

Few issues are more frustrating than a malfunctioning Maserati key fob. The good news is that the issue almost always has to do with the battery, and learning how to change the battery on a Maserati key fob genuinely only takes a moment.

In order to replace the battery in your Maserati key fob, you’ll need to undertake each of the following steps:

  • Remove the emergency key and screw
  • Remove the Maserati key fob cover
  • Install a new CR2032 battery

Identifying a Maserati Key Fob Battery Issue

In the event that your Maserati key fob battery is low on power, a warning light will be displayed on your instrument cluster. You might also suspect issues with the battery if you are having trouble making use of your Maserati key fob features, or if these don’t seem to be working as well as they used to.

Either way, we can help you fix the issue and get you back on the roads near Chandler in no time.

Maserati Key Fob Battery Replacement: Step-by-Step

Whether you’re performing a Maserati Ghibli key fob battery replacement or you’re working with a different model, our guide on how to change the battery in a Maserati key fob will take you from start to finish in just a few moments:

  1. Locate your Maserati key fob’s manual emergency key and set it aside.
  2. The lateral screw which holds the Maserati key fob cover together will be easy to spot once you remove the key. Use a torx T6 screwdriver to unscrew it, and set it aside.
  3. Separate the left and right (silver) components of your key fob cover.
  4. Once they’ve been removed, you should have no trouble prying apart the top and bottom (black) halves of the protective key battery casing.
  5. Carefully remove the printed circuit board which sits atop the battery. Bending or scratching it could cause issues with your Maserati key fob features.
  6. Remove the dead Maserati key fob battery and replace it with a new CR2032 battery. You can pick one up at our parts department, or anywhere where similar parts are sold.
  7. Make sure that the new battery has the same orientation as the original! The positive side will need to be facing down.

We’re Here to Help!

Of course, just because you can do something for yourself doesn’t mean that you have to do so. We can help you replace your Maserati GranTurismo or Maserati Levante key fob battery in a hurry–all you need to do is schedule service online.

We’re easy to reach from anywhere near Paradise Valley or Scottsdale, and we offer some of the area’s most enticing service specials.

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