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Hand Car Wash vs. Touchless Car Wash

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No matter if you are trying to keep the new car sheen on your new Maserati, or you’re trying to take care of your older model, choosing between a hand car wash vs. a touchless car wash can make all the difference in Scottsdale. Learn how to maintain the Maserati shine and compare the benefits of a hand wash car wash and a hands free car wash with the service team at Scottsdale Maserati. Then, explore our Maserati service specials to save on your next oil change or tire rotation. 

Hand Wash Car Wash: Pros and Cons

Even though a hand car wash might be more time consuming, taking up an entire morning or afternoon in Paradise Valley, it can be worth it when dealing with hard to remove debris. Read on and learn the benefits and the minuses of the hand car wash:

Hand Car Wash Pros

  • Thorough Results – Choosing a hand wash car wash might take more time, but you can reach places touchless car wash can’t, like the undercarriage, or to give your car more attention especially if there’s caked on debris.
  • Less Expensive – A DIY hand car wash will save you money. Our parts department can recommend car cleaning products, or contact our service department about a detailing. 

Hand Car Wash Cons

  • Professional Hand Wash Car Wash – Paying an expert to hand wash your car will ensure that no place is overlooked when washing your car, but it will be more expensive than a touchless car wash since you’re paying for products and labor.
  • Potential Damage to Car Paint – When you’re giving your car a hand wash, be sure to rinse your vehicle to remove loose debris. Otherwise, you could rub loose dirt into the paint, scratching your finish.

Touchless Car Wash: Pros and Cons

Whether you’re short on time or want to save money, learn more about the benefits of touchless car wash here:

Hands Free Car Wash Pros

  • Save Time – Save time with a touchless car wash, which can be done in under ten minutes in Paradise Valley.
  • Less Risk of Scratches – Hands-free car washes are more gentle on car finishes, lowering the risk of scratches.
  • Lower Cost – Touchless car washes are typically less expensive than hand car washes.

Hands Free Car Wash Cons

  • Less Thorough Results – Touchless car washes are likely to miss spots and aren’t the best at removing stuck-on debris from Chandler roads.
  • Water Spots – Without a hand-drying, your car’s finish is bound to have a few water spots.

Get a Professional Car Wash at Scottsdale Maserati

Have questions about the benefits of a hand car wash with the service team at Scottsdale Maserati? Don’t hesitate to contact us! Schedule a service appointment for your next brake pad replacement of trade-in inspection. 

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