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Premium vs. Regular Gas

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We hope that none of you Scottsdale or Chandler drivers have ever been tempted to pump regular gasoline into your Maserati. Even so, we know you might be curious about the differences between premium and regular gas. 

Comparing premium vs. regular gas, you’ll notice immediately that premium fuel has a higher octane rating. This means that the fuel is harder to ignite–or less likely to ignite by accident–so it’s much safer to use in high-precision vehicles like the Levante. Now, dive deeper into the differences between premium and regular gas with Scottsdale Maserati.

Premium vs. Regular Gas: Premium 

Premium and regular gas both derive from crude oil, however, premium gasoline has an additional process of refinement to go through. The extra refinement process is what gives premium gas a higher octane rating. 

With a higher octane rating, the fuel will burn more cleanly and reduce the chances of engine knocking–a type of pre-ignition which can cause significant damage over time.

Premium vs. Regular Gas: Regular 

Simply put, regular gasoline is a lower grade of gasoline. Regular gas works perfectly for most vehicles on the roads near Paradise Valley, but those that have turbocharged and high-performance engines should avoid regular gas. That’s because these systems are especially prone to damage caused by knocking. 

Today, all gasoline burned in the U.S. is required to be unleaded. That’s true for both premium and regular products.

More Differences Between Premium and Regular Gas

  • Relationship to Compression: Vehicles with higher compression ratios are at a higher risk of engine knocking, which is why they require premium fuel.
  • Octane Rating: Previously, we mentioned how a major difference between premium and regular gas is the octane ratings. Well, premium fuel has a higher octane rating of 90 or above while regular fuel has an average octane rating of 87. 
  • Price: While you could save a few dollars on fuel by choosing regular, these savings aren’t worth the risks! Premium fuel typically is priced 20 to 40 cents higher than regular fuel. 

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Contact us at Scottsdale Maserati to learn more about the benefits or premium fuel, or, if you think you’ve been using the wrong fuel in your engine, schedule service to let an expert take a look. Eager to learn more? Check out our service guides and our DIY car care tips today!

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